Pulling dog sport

Our passion is sleddog sport. Original dogs pulled big sleds over frozen lakes and snow an they were very important for the infrastructure. But not only sleddogs such as huskys oder alaskan malamutes were pulling sleds and carts. For exemple the bernes mountain dogs were helping to take the milk cans from the mounmtains to the market downtow. So as you can see dogs were helping the people for hundreds of years. Today Canciross, Bike- oder Scooterjöring are sports for nearly all oft he dogs who loves to run and pull.


Bikejöring is the perfect combination of mountainbiking and dog sport. The pulling leash ist attached directly tot he bike. A bike antenna prevents the leash from getting into the spokes oft he dog should be slowly. Bikejöring challanges the driver and the dog physically and mentally. Both have to be concentrated and develop a good driving experience. 


Pulling a handcart is also a variant of pulling dog sports. Large breeds such as swiss mounmtain dogs are particulary suitable for this. The biggest challenge ist o teach the dog how to pull with the pull rod. In the past, for example, milk cans were driven into the village or goods were transported with the help of a small cart.


How fast can you ran? Well, most of the dogs can run up to 20 kmh easily. Canicross means running with your dog trough different trails. The pulling dog accelerates the runner. This is where other muscle groups are used, so correct running technique is important.


The dog pulls a special scooter. The driver can support the dog with a special push on technique. The scooters are specially designed for pulling dog sports and have all-terrain tires, powerful brakes and a stable frame so that two dogs can be harnessed. Scooters are particularly suitable for larger, powerful dogs, who are less able to support people in this type of dog sport than on a bicycle, for example.



Dogtrekking means long distance hiking with your dog. It is divided in different route lengths. Dog and human cover distances of around 40 to 80 kilometers. Many organizers also offer shorter day tours for beginners. Depending on the venue, the routes lead through demanding (high) alpine terrain and not only challenge people and dogs in terms of fitness, but also technically. But hiking with a dog is also fun outside of organized dogtrekkings.




Canicross ist suitable for alle agile and healthy dogs. There are a few basic requirements so that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy working together.